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By ask_anurag ·
I would like to something about the cablenet.I have a cablenet internet and also my ISP has given me IP address and I assigned that IP on my computer.Now I have purchased new computer and also want to use internet on it.But I don't want to buy any other connection.Is there any way that I can use single IP for two computers.Or if I use proxy server or ICS and my computer is shutdown that I won't use internet on second computer.
So how do I share with single IP.

I would appreciate if someone provides my assistance on it.



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by TheChas In reply to About Cablenet Internet

The easiest way to share a cable internet connection between multiple computers is to install a Cable router with a built-in switch.

You will need to have a 10/100 network card in each computer.

I recommend products from either Linksys or Netgear for home use.

You can go to and they have guides to help you select the correct components for your needs.

If you need more help, check out the networking tutorials at


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by bryonb In reply to About Cablenet Internet

As far as I can tell you need a Cable/DSL router. A Linksys Cable/DSL router would work perfectly for you. All you really need to do is power it up, plug the patch cable from the Cable or DSL "modem" into the WAN port on Linksys and plug your computers into the ports on the front of the Linksys. Here is a model that should be fine for you: EtherFast? Cable/DSL Router with 4-Port Switch - BEFSR41.
If your ISP uses PPPOE to make your internet connection, then you will have to follow instructions that come with the Linksys. It requires a little configuration.

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by rawright In reply to About Cablenet Internet

Your cable modem should have a cable connector and a network connector; it also has two addresses - your public (Internet) IP address, and an internal IP address. Instead of plugging the network port into a PC, connect it to a cheap hub or switch and connect both PCs to the same hub/switch. Set up the modem to handle all the PPoE username/password stuff your ISP requires, and enable it to serve as a DHCP server. Most do this as a default. Configure TCP/IP on the two PCs to obtain settings automatically. This allows them to ask the cable modem for a local IP address and a gateway, and also lets the modem determine the DNS servers to use for Internet name resolution.

This should allow you to access your Internet connection from either PC, even if one is turned off. One thing to be aware of is that when you configure your cable modem settings, you must direct your browser to the internal IP address on the modem (usually found in the setup instructions from your ISP), and the request must come from a PC on the same subnet as the modem. This means that you may have to intially configure one PC with a fixed IP address to talk to the modem. For example, if the modem configuration address is (typical for a SpeedStream DSL modem) you must have the controlling PC manually set to an address of 192.168.254.X, where X is any value other than 254, except 0 or 255; I use 100 out of long habit. The subnet mask is usually

Once you have the modem set correctly, then you can set the PC for automatic configuration and let the modem assign addresses on your mini-LAN.

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by ask_anurag In reply to About Cablenet Internet

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