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I have a very simple question.What is the difference between straight and cross over cable.Can it be possible to connect two computers running any OS with the straight cable.And what is reverse cable is this cross over cable or a straight cable.

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by Oz_Media In reply to About Cables

Cross over cable just 'crosses' wire pairs to change places so they are not directly opposed, allowing two way throughput. (for more info and diagrams)

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by Oz_Media In reply to

Reverse cable is crossover cable (it is crossing over pairs of wires so that reverse direction data can be carried.)

You need crossover to direct connect two network cards or computers.

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by rindi1 In reply to About Cables

with the crossover cable you can connect the nics of 2 PCs directly with each other. There is no need for a hub or switch in between. If you are using a straight cable, you need a switch or hub between the nics of the 2 PCs. The OS doesn't matter either way.

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by rawright In reply to About Cables

Ethernet cables are wired using one of two standard patterns defined in TIA/EIA 568 A & B. If both ends are either A or B, it's a straight cable. If one end is A and the other is B it's a crossover cable. A 'reverse' cable is probably just an alternate term for 'crossover' cable.

The patterns are (formatting will be a problem here):

Pin# TIA/EIA 568A TIA/EIA 568B
1 wht/grn wht/org
2 grn org
3 wht/org wht/grn
4 blu blu
5 wht/blu wht/blu
6 org grn
7 wht/brn wht/brn
8 brn brn

I hope this is helpful...

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by rawright In reply to

As I expected, the formatting screws everything up here. But I think you can probably figure it out. Essentially, the grn-wht/grn pair is swapped with the org-wht/org pair.

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by ask_anurag In reply to About Cables

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