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By sairanjit_a ·
HELLO FRIENDS I AM FINAL YEAR M.Sc Student my area of interest is DBMS ,since i am going to attend an interview ,i request your advise and suggestions to prepare the most important and needful topic on the placement point of view...!

i also need some more tips for the aptitude preparations and interview tips..!

thank u

with regards,

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by SridharPandu In reply to About DBMS


Database Management Systems by C J Date.

Its the most authoritative book on the subject.

Oracle Concepts Guide is also a good book to read. Check

If you are interested in the backround of (R)DBMS brush up on set theory and Venn diagrams.

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by swadhwa In reply to About DBMS

Must Read CJ Date. Clarify the basics like maximum columns in table, can we delete a column from a table etc.
Also another topic on which most of the questions are asked is Normalization, so just practice some exercises on normalization.
You can check out list of questions asked in interview in various companies on:

You will find lot of material on the above site on aptitude etc.

You can also check
for interview strategy etc.

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by judy_summerr In reply to About DBMS


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