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About DHCP Sever in Windows 2000

By ask_anurag ·
I have a question on DHCP.I have windows 2000 advanced server with active directory installed.
In my institute I have three different section.One is HR,second one is Front Office and third one is accounts.And all the computers are configured on DHCP they are getting IP from DHCP server.I have created three scopes for all the three accounts.
Scopes are:
Scope Name : HR
IP : to

Scope Name : Frontoffice
IP : to

Scope Name : Accounts
IP : to

Now I want following department will get ip from their scope.But they are not getting it.

How do I configure my DHCP server and DHCP clients so that they will IP address from their scope.

I would appreciate if someone provides me assistance on it.



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by sgt_shultz In reply to About DHCP Sever in Windo ...

did you mean, you are adding a 4th department and dhcp scope? did you leave it off your post?

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by voldar In reply to About DHCP Sever in Windo ...

As you described your network, I will assume that you have three subnets, each subnet having its own router. You should create/enable DHCP relay agents on each subnet that point towards the DHCP server.

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by omie In reply to About DHCP Sever in Windo ...

Well, I don't know what is your purpose in separating the IP scope. If you want to control the broadcast .. you need a router and a dhcp relay sever in each subnet.If you are serious and don't like to spend money, you could just assign static IP on the workstations and then on the switch configure VLAN on designated ports.Again you have need to figure out also how many subnets to determine the subnet mask you will be using.

If you want ot isolate the department in terms of access right of shared folder in the server.. you need to learn more in the active directory configurations as weel as snap-in modules of the server.

The way you on your setting, I tend to believe it wqon't work unless you reserved the IP's mappped to the respective hardware address.Again if you reserve IP address it should be assigned statically to the device.

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by Monkey_MCSE In reply to About DHCP Sever in Windo ...

in regaurds to answer #2, or if Bootp is installed on your router, just use that rather than a relay agent.

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by ask_anurag In reply to About DHCP Sever in Windo ...

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