About Exchange Iphone and OWA

By ok103 ·
Hello all .
i really need help ...
i have an SBS2003 and the OWA is running .
i can acsses the OWA from HTTP:\\serverip\exchange
i want to configure my iphone 3g to work with the Exchange and i can't seem to make it work .
by the way : i can't logon to the OWA using: https://serverip/exchange or http://servername/exchange or

can anyone help me out ...
i'm going crazy .. i'm looking for the answer for about 5 days now..
the ports : 80 , 443 , 135 are open ....
please tell me what's my problem !!
thanks a lot

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to About Exchange Iphone and ...

What kind of SSL certificate have you applied to your OWA server? Is it self-signed, a cert provided by your own Certificate Authority or provided by an external trusted CA? If internal, you may need to install your CA's Root cert on your iPhone.
When you say the ports are open, is this on the server or on the Firewall as well?

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URLs but here's a tip Microsoft Technet has how to articles

by CG IT In reply to About Exchange Iphone and ...

that tell you how to configure it. Visit
Microsoft Technet.

URLs are:


if you want to sync your smart phone with Exchange, the URL is http://"server"/oma

outside the internal network, the URLs are

https://"domain name"/OWA

and for Outlook Mobile Access

https://"domain name"/oma

Outlook Mobile Access uses port 80 where OWA uses port 443.

note: " is omitted from the URL

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