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    “About Internet Database Systems”


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    I have question about internet database systems:

    (1) Introduction to internet database systems

    (2) Hardware and software requirements for the internet database and diagram(s) fro hardware and software requirements

    (3) Reasons for suggestion two DBMS products suitable for internet database system

    (4) The context of internet database systems:
    (a) centralised system vs distributed system
    (b) concurrency control
    (c) recovery
    (d) security
    (e) Data reability/integrity
    (f) others related issues in the context of internet database systems.

    Please, if there is anyone can help me for those questions, send me email, thank u 🙂

    I found this topic in many websites till one month ago. Also our country have only a few resources, so I can’t find out. If any one have idea or something pls give me. Don’t tell to buy books. From Burma, difficult to buy books. Here is no online banking system.

    Thanks in advance

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      by sgt_shultz ·

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      I am sorry I cannot answer your questions. I am not familiar with internet databases other than I am guessing you might be talking about Systems Management Server type products.
      If I needed to learn about web based databases for free, I would download Linux, Apache Web Server, php and MySQL for free and set up a lab.
      You may find the answers you to your questions by studying the website info about products available from Oracle, IBM and Microsoft.

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      by otl ·

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      To be honest I do not understand your question. The idea of Internet database is to have 2 separate and replicating systems geographically separated in the event of catastrophic failure at one site ! Accessable through multiple points which logically could not all fail at the same time ! Each should have a backout if it is the only functional server avaible and not able to replicate ! Most of this is common sense and the majority of the IT community does not logically think out (Putting both the master and backup at one site or within 1 mile of each other) !

      I have seen catastrophic outages of 400K per hour, and one of over 1M per hour due to the above type outage(s).

      I have not gone in-depth as still do not totally understand, but here is a beginning.

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      by riogregbuscato ·

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      for more information just call or text: 09204809685. answer is on my hands!!

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