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guys once again i want to ask question and need your help...

yesterday my cousin ask me for a hand because he bought another pc.. it means he has now 2 pc in there house... before he add the new one he has already an internet.. then he ask me to connect the two pc so that it will share internet.. as far as i know it needs a router then after that we connect it.. but nothing happens no internet connection at all//

the question is there any configuration to do in the router or in the computer so that they can share itnernet?

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Proxy Settings

by LittleWashu In reply to ABOUT INTERNET SHARING

1)Depending on whether or not you use IE or Mozilla or something else entirely, you have to go to the new computer and make your web browser is set to automatically detect LAN settings.

2)Also, if your on a LAN network, you need to make sure that internet is plugged into the Slot 1 on your router or whatever is the designated internet socket.

3)For WiFi networks, make sure your new computer has it's MAC address is registered with your wireless modem.

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follow the router instruction


After following routers instruction, make sure that first you try to connect over a wired. If that does not work, it is probably you cable company modem (assuming you have cable)is locked to use only one mac-address. Unplug and shutdown your modem and wait about 10 to 20 minutes to reset or if it has a reset button press it. then connect your router according to the router specification. If that does not work I believe you would have to clone your mac address.

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What & How does the first connection to the Net connect?


If it's from a ADSL Modem or a Cable Modem you need to configure the Router to accept the incoming Line from the ISP and it has to work with the Internet Connection Type you have there.

If the Existing Modem is working all you need do is connect that through a CAT5 cable to the Uplink Port of the Router and then with a CAT5 Cable connect the main Computer tot he Router and see if it works. If it doesn't you will need to configure the Router as per the directions by opening a Browser and entering the Routers URL. Then when that page comes up enter the User Name & Password and setup the Router as per the Destruction Manual that is most likely a PDF File on the CD that came with it.

If you have a Dialup connection you need to connect the Router to the commuter connected to the Dialup Modem and the other computer to the router and setup a Workgroup.

Tell the First Computer that it connects directly to the Internet and that other Computers connect through it. If you don't want to share Printers or Files don't enable File & Printer Sharing and if it's required enable it. Then just follow your nose through the Network Setup Wizard and make sure that both computers have the same Workgroup Name.

With the second and any subsequent computers start the Network Setup Wizard and tell this one that it Connects to the Internet through a Residential Gateway and then set the File & Printer Sharing the same as the first unit then make sure they both have the Same Names in the Workgroup. Finish the Wizard and if asked reboot. When this system restarts you shoal be able to share the Internet Connection if all the hardware actually works properly.

Actually for both types of Internet connection setting up a simple Workgroup would most likely be your best alternative.

If the Second Computer is connecting to the Router with a WiFi connection you first need to setup the main computer and then run either the Setup Procedure off the Install CD or open the Web Interface and configure the Router. With the second computer turn on the WiFi connection and make sure that the signal is strong enough and then run the WiFi Setup Wizard off the Routers Install CD.

When Prompted about Security enable WPA 2 if it's available or WPA or SSID in that order. WPA is the most secure while SSID is the least secure but even SSID is better than nothing.


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