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    About Mails in OutLook 2000


    by imran_mcse ·

    How can I restore my previos emails of outlook in new outlook 2000

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      About Mails in OutLook 2000

      by quahsays ·

      In reply to About Mails in OutLook 2000

      you have not provided more detailed info or what exactly you mean by restoring.
      Outlook 97/98 and Outlook 2000 are using .pst files as far as I can recall. you simply open or reference the pst files when you configure Outlook 2000.

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      About Mails in OutLook 2000

      by erwin marsch ·

      In reply to About Mails in OutLook 2000

      The first answer is correct and if you installed on top of a previous version of Outlook, Outlook 2000 should have picked the messages up. So, I am going to assume for some reason it didn’t or that your other messages were stored on another computer.

      Open Outlook

      Pick File on the menu

      Pick Import/Export

      Move to the bottom of the list and pick Import Internet Mail and Addresses

      On the next screen make sure the messages box is checked and highlight the version of Outlook you want to Import. Be careful to read the screen and make sure what you are inporting. By default It will import addresses, email and rules. Uncheck any box that you do not want imported.

      The items will import automatically if the previous version of Outlook was on the computer you are using. This is because Outlook 2000 will use the registry entries to find the path to the old Outlook PST file. If it can’t find a registry entry it will display a directory structure so you can point to the location of the file. The structure will include all of your hard drives and you floppy drive. If you had the file on a different computer you can put it on a floppy (or larger media) and point to it.

      Good Luck,

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      About Mails in OutLook 2000

      by imran_mcse ·

      In reply to About Mails in OutLook 2000

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