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By dh006988 ·
Hello, i'm recently doing my research project. it is a Network Management System, using C# and WMI technology for whole development. below are some questions that aims to gather required data for my final year project.

Therefore, I?m kindly hoped that you will takes a minute of two answer the below questions and your participation is highly appreciated.

Thank You.

1. Can you please define the term ?Network Management System? for your point of view?

2. As we know the main task for a network management system is managing a network, but for your opinion what is the main purpose of using a network management system?

3. Beside a Network Administrator, do you think other users like normal computer user can also have the authority to fully access to the system? Why?

4. Do you think a Network Management System should have the ability to run on multiple platforms? Why?

5. What kinds of difficulty that you normally face or you think will face while using a Network Management System?

6. According to your experiences in using Network Management System, what feature(s) that you think should be included as part of the functionality of a network management system? Why?

7. Do you think the network devices troubleshooting function should also be included as part of the functionality of a network management system? Why?

8. Despite the functionalities of a Network Management System, do you think the interface designs will also influencing the total quality judgment of a Network Management System? Why?

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by ross.bale In reply to About Network Management ...

1. Network Management System = central system for the management and monitoring of networks.

2. NMS systems are most commonly used in large multisite complex networks and should give a "single view" of the entire network and it's status.

3. No - administration should always be centralised - enables better control and more stability.

4. NMS should be able to run on multiple platforms because some o/s are better suited for certain apps - eg most firewalls are better run on a UNIX based system than windows, but windows would be best for File/Print.

5. NMS main problems is showing enough relevant detail without under or overkill

6. Ability to check status of kit such as routers is very useful as is remote control.

7. Troubleshooting can be very useful especially if the kit is on a remote site or not accessible - ie need to find a console cable etc

8. NMS interface is very important - if a router has taken a site of 3000 users down, you want to find out what is wrong and fix it rather than having to negotiate a poorly written or badly designed UI.

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