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    about Oracle financials and SAP


    by stpmds ·

    My relatives children are recently qualified and employed Chartered Accountants. They are young and desires to earn some more qualification in IT. some of their friends are suggesting Oracle Financials and some others SAP. Which one has got a better scope, how and why.

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      by yendra.tirta ·

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      I think between Oracle Financials and SAP have the same concept business but different technology. You have to decide which one you want to learn. Business Concept (Accounting, Production or Manufacturing) or Technical (Oracle, .Net, Java).

      Business Concept job will lead you to Analyst System and Technical will lead you to Programming Task

      Basicly, Business Concept almost same in every application and system. Only different customization. And the important things is Business Concept changes not fast than Technology Changes.

      I prefer to expert in technical things and then move to business concept.

      That is things i can share.

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      by netbugz ·

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      ok.. hope this help.

      Oracle Finance to my knowlege is the best Financial solution in the worl.

      SAP – even though sap has a good finance module, Oracle does a better job. But SAP has the best production module in the world.

      So both do have advantages and disadvantages..

      SAP certification will cost about US $700
      i’m not sure about oracle.

      My advice is unless the company they work for use oracle finance or SAP they should not bother to do any of them…

      Since i’m a SAP consultant i’m telling u.. If they are sure that they will get a job in a company which has Oracle finance or SAP then they can chose between them..

      currently for SAP implimentation what most of the companies looking for is not just the certification… but the experiance as wel..

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