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Hi there! My pc was suddenly stopped working with a blue screen shows "dumping physical memory".... and when i restart again it won't boot .

Current Situation:
1.Monitor shows LG Logo and power saving mode and light blink continuously but doesnt display window.
2. I checked the RAM and found that it was dead hence i purchased a new one but the problem is still occuring.
3. I have a MSI motherboard.
4. I have resited the CMOS . Cleaned the whole case with .
5. (IMP). I found that my fan have broken from one side and it is not sited properly . It looks loose.. and when i remove that . I felt that my Processor was very hot so is the fan too...
Please help me if you know what should be the problem. I have explained everything...... thank you
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by wmanigault

Fan over the CPU is loose? CPU is hot? This could cause the system to shut down and also corrupt HDD so that it would not boot.

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about pc problems

by annaedd122 In reply to about pc problems

Which windows do you have?

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pc problems

by wmanigault In reply to about pc problems

If it is the CPU fan, the system will eventually overheat and this will cause a shutdown. You may need to replace the fan if you can't tighten it properly. The blue screen of death (BOSD) you describe usually means that there is a problem with the boot sector on the hdd, or something in the Windows OS got damaged due to the unexpected shutdown caused by the overheating issue. You will need a repair disk, or a OS system disk to try and repair/reload the OS on the HDD.

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