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    by dinhvanquochung ·

    I have 2 Servers run Microsoft Windows 2000 Server. Server1 is DNS Server, DC (AD has integrated). Server2 is DC too but use the same DNS with Server1. Now I want to reinstall Server1 so that systems get high performance ’cause it run unnormally. What’s the best way to do so that my system can still run good?
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      by adembo ·

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      What was your first DC? You need to ensure that the server you are not reinstalling has all of the FSMO roles. It needs to be the Global Catalog, operations master, schema master, PDC emulator (if needed) DHCP (if used)….

      As long as your DNS is AD integrated, when you bring a new server (the reinstalled one) onto the domain, it will replicate and have all user, DNS, DHCP, and other info on it.

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      by sgt_shultz ·

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      oh i see what is happening. you are posting new questions instead of commenting your old questions. and i am browsing thru questions from new to old…
      if i had a system performing badly, i might consider reinstalling (not really tho). before I did reinstall, i would attempt to understand exactly what the problem is. and fix it. otherwise, i may only get a installation learning experience, not a fix. how do i know i fixed it if i don’t know why it broke?
      have you examined the articles for tuning and security your win2k servers at (win2k ‘performance’) and (‘harden’ ‘windows 2000’)
      if somebody says ‘slow system’ i knee jerk this order of ‘differential diagnosis’:
      os bugs (patched?)
      spyware (even if none detected)
      virus (especially if antivirus behaving badly)
      low hard disk space
      bad network connectivity
      bad hardware on server (ram, hd, nic).
      microsoft has articles about how to replace the server. demote the server first. you may have to add in a new server if you can’t assign all the roles to existing servers). once all its roles have been reassigned you can remove it for repair or reinstalling.
      so you have backed it up.
      if you are under the impression that you could just pull the plug on the main controller and have the ‘redundant’ servers take over, join the club. we are having jackets made

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