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    about technical writing


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    I am working as a subject matter expert in specula enterprise. Our clent is tata interactive systems, through specula I work in tata by bing a part of their content team. I want to pursue a career in content or technical writing. Is it possible for me to do so? I am a post graduate in mathematics. Can I get into technical writing? Please suggest me some tips to become a successful tech-writer. Since the main criteria to become a content writer is BA/Ma in english literature I am finding it difficult. waiting for a positive reply from your side.


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      Math subject matter expert required

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      Hi Seema,

      We are a Mumbai based e-learning company and are looking for subject matter experts in Mathematics. If you are interested, you may contact me on my mobile 9967065804 between 1pm to 9pm.
      Thank you and look forward to speaking with you.

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      Skills of technical writer

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      ou can go ahead of technical writing field.It is not necessary to come with Ba/Ma in english. First of all make your grammar proper so that you can survive in industry.
      All technical writers are not content writers. They should aware of many software like MS office, framemaker,Robohelp, Photoshop, dreamweavert, SnagIT, Webex.
      If you wanna learnmore opt for any ofthe ttttraining insitute coachihng these tools.
      Otherwise go for online tutorials

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      If you wish to be a technical writer in English you need to

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      study how to write English better than this sample. You need not do a high level degree course as there are plenty of free web sites on how to write. The first things is learn how to speak and write English properly. I belong to a web site (membership is free) called Writer’s Block which has lots of links to help beginning writers.

      Learning correct English will be the hardest part as it’s such a weird language due to being a mixed up mess of so many others.

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