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About to graduate

By jennifer.weinman ·
I'm about to graduate with honors with my BS in CIS. I'd like to start off on the right foot with potential employers, are there any aspects in my education I should focus on or avenues of research that I should look into during my final semester? I want to continue to learn and be challenged, and am not sure which direction to focus in order to be an standout in the job market coming right out of college.

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I think the trick is to focus on something you enjoy....

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to About to graduate

back when I took my Conputer Information Systems/Networking we selected one field that wasn't previously covered (or not covered indepth) for a "self study" semester to complete our studies.....very few people went the DBA route & there does appear to be a demand for them especially for someone with Oracle experience.....and databases are challenging, I'll say that about them

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by jennifer.weinman In reply to I think the trick is to f ...

Thanks for all the advice! I did actually enjoy the Database class (we created and managed a system with SQL), and I enjoyed the Systems Analysis classes as well. Are there certain "key words" or skills that I need to highlight on my resume? While I am proficient in both Java and C++ programming, are there any specific certifications that would be more attrative than others? I'd like to have skills and traits that would be attractive to potential employers.

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If you want to go the DBA route....

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Thanks!

I'd say you're already following the right path...Systems Analysis & Design...C++, C#, .Net....all that stuff.

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Be a spook

by santeewelding In reply to About to graduate

Apply with the CIA, NSA, FBI. Or, learn Arabic and apply with an agency at war with the Empire.

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find a different field

by CG IT In reply to About to graduate

personal opinion, if you can't find a job with a Cloud Provider, or move to India, tech jobs with companies are just not there, unless you want to be a road warrior working for $20.00 per hour.

IT has grown so expensive for companies, that those companies are looking to cut costs substantially through outsourcing to Cloud Providers [NOCs]. The cloud providers will be the biggest employers of IT workers and their hiring will be for DB guys. Any onsite work will be through temp agencies and then it's just money work following a piece of paper.

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Thank you!

by jennifer.weinman In reply to find a different field

Do you have any suggestions for what to focus on in the DB area? I do have inclass experience with SQL (both 2008 and directly through a Linux server) and Access, but can you recommend some reading or cloud providers that I should research?

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If you wish to continue learning...

by dawgit In reply to About to graduate

Sign on with the Military. It is one of the few 'employers' where you're Almost guaranteed to be in a continual learning cycle. That is of course if you don't mind challenges.
Let's see a typical year will involve a months paid vacation, probably at least a month in some sort of school, and the whole World is your work site. They need smart people, so give it a look... (any problems PM me) -d

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Challenges like bombs and bullets whizzing overhead?

by Juanita Marquez In reply to If you wish to continue l ...

Don't get me wrong, I respect people who have the guts to enter the military, but I don't think signing up for active duty is going to get you much in the way of geek work for the majority of the year.

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You'd be surprised ...

by dawgit In reply to Challenges like bombs and ...

Just how many geeks it takes to run the Military now. And it all runs 'Live' on a Net. 24-7-365
Think DISA (all geeks) INSCOM (all geek) and even the new *improved* CYBERCOM (total geek) and we're not even talking about the Rocket Scientists, or Nuke Techs, yup neat work for geeks.

oh, It's now what's wizzing over head that one needs to worry about.

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by jennifer.weinman In reply to About to graduate

Thanks for all the advice! I'd like to have skills and traits that would be attractive to potential employers, it's difficult coming out of school with very little experience and trying to compete with brilliant minds with years of hands on life experiences.

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