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about to install a network for home

By benjamin1254 ·
As the title enquires I am about to set up a 4 computer network with a single gigabit centralized server to monitor the trafic and so it can keep track of the data packets being sent and receaved.. sorta like an advanced version of a hardware firewall you might say. specs for this machine are 256 megs of ddr 333 ram 120 gigs of space and a AMD 1800+ xp processor. I am currently not running anything on this machine and dont have any windows operating system to install on it. I am wondering what kind of open source operating system may it be linux or open BSD that i could install on this system to keep track of everything going in and out. To go along with all of this I wonder which is the better way to install this system in a old brick house with a drywall interior and which topology is best to use. We have one computer set up already in the center of the house and are about to have a 3 meg connection installed at a later date (dsl). How would i go about doing this and what is the best way to go about intagrating a wireless router with the ability to communicate with all the computers and the internet on the network. Its a multi step question and they have limited funds and already own 3 routers. any help is welcome.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to about to install a networ ...

Well to answer your first question Ubuntu Server is probably the best option available to you for the AMD Unit. While Snap Linux is better and has Trustifier which will do everything that you want you have to pay for it so that's probably not what you want. The Ubuntu Server can be downloaded from here

You can actually pick any of the Open Source products each has it's advantaged and disadvantages but the Ubuntu is easy to work with and integrates easily into any Windows Network.

As for the DSL Connection the company involved is most likely to run through the ceiling and drop a line down to wherever depends on the house and how easy it's to get access to different areas, with exterior walls they are most likely to drop a line between th inner & outer walls to the floor but with internal rooms they can either drop a line to a baton in the wall or down one corner to the floor depends on the fitters who come out and how eager they are.

You can connect the DSL Line directly to the Server and then the wireless router to the output and then share the connection. This really depends on your existing hardware and just how you want to setup things. But if you want to monitor everything you'll need to run the DSL line into one computer and then share from there.

You'll also need to perform the wireless Router setup from the main server as that is the primary access point so you'll be able to setup here by opening the Web Browser and entering the HTTP address of the router.

The blue thing on this web page

Is a great inexpensive tool for measuring signal strength so you'll know if you need to boost the Routers signal to different parts of your house but otherwise it's a fairly simple setup once you have the WiFI Router in place.


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