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By ask_anurag ·
I have three questions.
1) I have two windows 2000 advanced server with active directory installed and also I have 15 windows 2000 professional,5 windows nt workstation,10 windows 98 computer.And all the computers on network.I want to record their activity like what they do,what web site they open,which computer they tried to access so I want to create a network log file and that file stores in the server and from there I could know which users tried to access computers and which web site he or she tried to access.I heard through some proxy server we can do that.I heard that ISA server can do this thing.If yes the how to do it through ISA Server.

2) I have two windows 2000 advanced server with active directory installed.I have created one parent and second is child.Now I want to transfer my all users data to child server so that if parent does not work.
My users can access data from the child server.How my users can access data from child how I configure my server.
I would appreciate if someone provides me assistance on it.


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by jimmy In reply to About Windows 2000 Networ ...

Answer to Q1 - ISA server is a combined Firewall and proxy server and YES it can do what you want to a certain extent.
ISA creates default reports like- Which PC accessed the internet, which User was logged into the PC, what site was accessed, what time they accessed the site etc.
I believe by default report logging is enabled during ISA installatiion.
The files you want to access are in:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft ISA Server\ISALogs.

You can also set additional reports which can be viewed/accessed from.

C:\Program Files\Microsoft ISA Server\ISAReports

To maniuplate the data on the reports do this:

Click start > Programs > ISA server > ISA Managament.
Once open, Click the + sign on servers and arrays > Servername > monitoring configuration.
Open the logs folder you should see the following three items.
1 - Packet Filters
2 - Firewall Service
3 - Proxy Service

Highlight a folder > right click and select properties and then the fields tab to change the fields you want to include/exclude for the log file.

Answer to Q2 - I am not exactly clear on what you want here but will assume that if Server1 (parent) is switched off or unavailable you want the users to be able to access data on server1 (parent) as well as being able to login to the network.

If this is the case promote your second server to be a BACKUP domain controller using the DCpromo tool. This will allow users to access the network.

For the users to access their folders on Server1 (parent) when unavailable you have the following TWO options.

1 - Synchronize the folders and make available offline.
2 - Keep a copy of the data on server2 (Child) but this would mean duplicating documents and would also waste disk-space.


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by dbowlin In reply to About Windows 2000 Networ ...

The first answer to your first question looks fine. With regard to your second question, use file replication and DFS. Use file replication (Windows FRS is OK if you do not need absolute redundancy for each file for every second of the day. It does not update instantly. If you need truly instant updates there are a number good file replication packages that will be more timely than Windows FRS) Then use DFS to set up your root and path to the common files.

Good luck

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by ask_anurag In reply to About Windows 2000 Networ ...

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