About Windows XP Logon Password

By swapnil_21385 ·
I am using Microsoft's Windows XP Service Pack 2. I lost my user and administrator password and i need to access the XP without formating.
How Can I Get Access To MY Windows Xp Without Using Any PassWord. Or Whether it is possible to Reset Or Hack Window XP's Logon Password???

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One password, No problem. - BOTH passwords.....

by OldER Mycroft In reply to About Windows XP Logon Pa ...

You didn't say what type of computer you are using (or to be more accurate, NOT using!).

Depending on the type of computer the difficulty level varies:

Tower unit - Very Difficult
Laptop - Severely Difficult

How have you 'lost' your user and administrator passwords?

Maybe now you know how the legal owner of the computer feels!

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by MNE In reply to About Windows XP Logon Pa ...

DO a google search for "Hiren's", its a downloadable boot CD image containing many very useful tools, one of which will allow you to clear any passwords on Windows XP user accounts. Download the image and burn to CD, then boot the PC from the CD, navigate the simple menus to find password tools (among others). Some of the utilities on the CD are free or shareware, however some of them are illegal distros, its up to you whether you use Hiren's legally or illegally. Hope that helps.

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Ahem! will this disc boot?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Hiren's

If the computer has an unknown boot password?

I'd be really interested to know how this will work?

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What boot password?

by MNE In reply to Ahem! will this di ...

I only saw mention of a Windows logon password. Generally boot passwords are referred to as User and/or Supervisor rather than User and/or Administrator. If the problem is with a boot password then you are quite right and the boot CD will be useless. If the problem is ONLY with the Windows logon password(s) then you should still be able to boot from the CD and reset the passwords and regain access to Windows.

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You are quite right of course. I assumed the 'user' referred to...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to What boot password?

The boot.

Perhaps it is not.


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try booting on Safe mode?

by ccahigas In reply to About Windows XP Logon Pa ...

Why dont you try booting safe mode it might work.

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