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Absolute coordinates in VB

By ejc142 ·

I am developing an application and I meet with the following problem.:

I need to relocate an control using coordinates referred to the SCREEN object. Eventually, this control is called from a button located inside a PictureBox. The Picturebox could be located in its correspondent Form. The problem is I can't find a reference to know if the button is located inside the picturebox or not and indeed the coordinates refers only between the picturebox and the button (relative coordinates).
The absolute coordinates should be find by the equations:


-The PictureBox coordinates is not always know-
-The button could be contained in the PictureBox or not-

My intention is to call another form and place it in new coordinates relative to the button coordinates using the property .Parent, but I need to use the absolute coordinates for the button.
This application is developed only in VB

I appreciatte if a collegue can helpme in this matter.


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