AC Adapter will not run computer

By humphr90 ·
I have a dell inspiron e1505 laptop and have had it for over 2.5 years. After some time i have been noticing a lot of wear and tear on the charger itself. The part where the charger connects to the computer is where the problem is. The AC adapter would no longer charge the battery BUT would run my laptop just fine. I noticed that the plastic covering had come off a little and that some exposed wires were fraying out. As soon as I noticed this, I thought i would save a few bucks and fix the problem myself. So i spliced the wires and reconnected them. There were 3 wires (Im assuming 1 for ground, 1for the laptop, and 1 for the battery??? not sure though). After I got everything soldered I plugged it into my laptop.There was a little "pop" sound from the computer as soon as i did this. OOPS!!

I think I wired the 3 connections wrong. I didnt have a voltmeter at this time so i just guessed. So now my battery is dead, my AC adapter is bad and I have no idea if i just fried my computer. I ordered a new battery and AC adapter.

The battery works perfect and my laptop does as well except for-- the adapter doesn't run the computer or charge the battery. Im thinking I must have shorted some connection out (between the power and battery). I took apart the laptop and have no idea what to do now.

Any suggestions would be assume!

ps. i noticed that as soon as i plug in the power, the lcd screen instantly brightens up but very faint and unnoticeable. Im thinking this isnt a very big problem to fix but I just dont know the schematics of it.

Thanks for all of the help.

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More than just a connector

by mjd420nova In reply to AC Adapter will not run c ...

Within the body of the connector is a small contact switch that changes the connection from battery to AC adapter. Besides providing power for the laptop and isolating the battery, the power goes through a circuit to condition the voltage before being sent to the battery for charging. Any popping sound you heard may have been that switch arcing a bit. This may have depositied a bit of carbon on the contacts and is causing a reduced voltage now being supplied. Dell amy be able to provide you with a replacement part. What I usually do is to mount the connector in the end of some short pigtail leads so tthat the connector is not mounted to the board anymore. This prevents this situation from happening again. Care must be taken to be sure you get the connections clean and no bridges or shorts on the board are created. This is a very common problem with all laptop/notebook units as the connector will stress the board mounted socket and break it loose from the board, lifting traces and destroying the board.

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As well as the actual jack on the M'Board

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to AC Adapter will not run c ...

You need to follow the circuit from the Jack and check for any burnt/broken tracks, blown Fuses or Fusible Components on the M'Board.

You should check with the service manual for this model here for any further information.



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