AC Adaptor for Compaq PP2140 (Model # 1456VQL1T)

By Izarra ·
I've looked everywhere for a new AC Adaptor for my PP2140 [Compaq PP2140 (Model # 1456VQL1T)] but I haven't come upon anything that works. The one I just recently bought makes the battery light and power light flicker on and off (the screen also flickering on and off too) and it doesn't charge... Is there an alternative adaptor that works with this laptop? Or is there a place where I can buy the Adaptor online? Any help would be appreciated!

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Had you considered

by tintoman In reply to AC Adaptor for Compaq PP2 ...

that the fault might be on the laptop on not the adapter?

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Could it be

by Izarra In reply to Had you considered

some part that deals with the battery? If it has something to do with the laptop itself, how would I go about looking for the problem?

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Ac adapter fault

by mjd420nova In reply to AC Adaptor for Compaq PP2 ...

The most common fault when the adapter fails to run or charge is not with the adapter but with the connector it plugs into. They get jammed and break loose from the board resulting in the fault you see. A sharp service tech can solve the problem and a sharper one would corect the fault and make it so it won't happen again.

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What happened to the original adaptor?

by robo_dev In reply to AC Adaptor for Compaq PP2 ...

if it died in a puff of smoke or a shower of sparks, it likely did something bad to the laptop.

Someone else here mentioned a damaged/broken power supply connector on the laptop itself...that is very common. Do the symptoms change if you gently wiggle the power supply connection??

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The original

by Izarra In reply to What happened to the orig ...

adapter's laptop plug part broke off the power connector block. I got a different adapter called a "Targus"(?) recommended to me by a Best Buy employee. It would light up on the power block then the light would fizzle out. The second one I got is a non-brand name but said to work with my model, that one makes the laptop's battery light and power light flicker on and off while beeping.

The symptoms don't change when the cord is wiggled though, but like how you and mjd420nova said, I think it is the main laptop plug inlet.

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