AC97 Front panel audio header

By gladesign ·
I have a an ASUS P4i65G which has front panel audio header AC97 labelled as
pin 1 Mic (white)
pin 2 Ground (Black)
pin 3 Mic power(white)
pin 4 no pin
pin 5 AUD OUT - R (colour?)
pin 6 BACKOUT - R (colour?)
pin 7 Ground (Black)
pin 8 no pin
pin 9 AUD OUT - L (colour?)
pin 10 BACKOUT - L (colour?)

My tower has ribbon connector;
GND (black)
MIC (Orange & green)
R -IN,L-IN (white)
R-OUT, L- out (red)
Can someone fill in the blanks please (colour?)

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Your description is Incomplete

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to AC97 Front panel audio he ...

As the pins that are important here are the pins 5, 9 where you just show Pins 6 & 10 I would need to see the M'Board Manual and ASUS doesn't list a P4i65G M'Board on their Web Page so I'm not quite sure what these are supposed to be but as the Neutral or Negative Links have not been listed above I'm assuming that these are those Pins and there is only 1 Wire Color listed for both the L & R Sides when there should be 4 Listed.

You should have L+ and L- and R+ and R- so you have the Active and Neutral Wires for both the Left and Right Speakers/Headphones. These Neutral Wires can sometimes be called Common or Ground but I have never seen any ASUS M'Boards configured this way. They are listed normally as BOUT_L and BOUT_Right.

The BOUT are the Negative or Neutral Lines while those labeled LOUT_Left and LOUT_Right are the Positive or Active Lines.

So generally speaking the LOUT should have the Colored Wire that supports the Left or Right Chanel and the BOUT should be the Black or other half of the Pair of wires for the Left or Right Chanel.


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Yes It Is On the ASus Website

by gladesign In reply to Your description is Incom ...

Not according to the header on the motherboard see last post.

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ASrock and ASUS are different companies

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Yes It Is On the ASus Web ...

As you said it was a ASUS M'Board I looked on the ASUS Web Site and silly me didn't think to look on other makers Web Sites.

But your description of the Front Panel Leads is still wrong or incomplete. There should be 7 Wires and the Front Panel Speaker Leads are configured as 2 lots of 2 Wires. You can not have Left & Right as Red Wires. Though maybe they both have the main color as Red with a Stripe down the Wires that are different to show that they are different leads for different connections so in that case it would show Red with XXX Trace where XXX denotes the color of the Trace on the main Color.


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Yes They are it was a typo

by gladesign In reply to ASrock and ASUS are diffe ...
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Well be that as it may

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Yes They are it was a typ ...

You have still not listed all of the wires from the Front Panel to the Audio Header Strip.

We can not tell what goes where till you do as we do not know what you have as you didn't tell us and the SCSI Interface for my Crystal Ball broke years ago and has proved impossible to replace.

Typically there are 7 Wires from the Front Panel for the Audio and the Front Panel has 2 3.5 mm Stereo Jacks in it. One is the Mic Jack and the other is the Headphone Jack. Until you list all of the wires involved here we can not help you.


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8 wires

by gladesign In reply to Well be that as it may

My tower has ribbon connector;
2 x GND (black)
MIC (Orange & green)
R -IN,L-IN (white)
R-OUT, L-OUT (red)
Got it sorted now thanks

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Yes It Is The Board

by gladesign In reply to Is this similar to your b ...

Thanks for your reply and I have the manual and you are spot on with the diagram, all I need is the corresponding colour coding for the header on the board.

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Ok, since you have the manual.....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Yes It Is The Board

You should be able to follow the instructions for the connection in question. On the wires that are attached to the front of the case, they should have some kind of writing to correspond with the connecting pins on the motherboard, if you follow the manual slowly you should get them correct. When you see the text "red", it usually means the red colour wire. They write this in so that you do not get the wires mixed up. Make sure you are ALWAYS grounded/earthed so as to not kill the motherboard.
Please post back on how you are doing.

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No colour text

by gladesign In reply to Ok, since you have the ma ...

Thanks for the info but there is no differentiation the text is all white. I am just a concerned that if I do connect them incorrectly I will **** another mboard just like I did the day before with WIndows XP wonderful plug and play. I put an external HD in the front USB socket this was followed by an enormous crack of blue from the power supply and then a little smoke.

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