Ac'97 integrated sound card problems

By cateyenews ·
We are a small Audio and Video editing/producing company in Evansville and are in need of assistance. The Reltek Ac'97 integrated sound card in our computer suddenly stopped working. It is the only machine that we have that can video edit
(as i said we are a small company). This is a problem because we have a $4,000 video that we need to finish before May 12. Any help would be welcome. Thanks, from all the Cat Eye News employees .

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by JamesRL In reply to Ac'97 integrated sound ca ...

I've never seen one die. Did you try reloading the driver?

You could of course buy a real sound card for under $50 and put it in - get better sound, free up some memory and speed up your work. Soundblaster is the standard.


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What kind of PC?

by robo_dev In reply to Ac'97 integrated sound ca ...

Basically either the hardware died, in which case you go buy and install a new PCI sound card, or the Windows drivers got messed up.

What version of windows?

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par for the course

by g88keeper In reply to What kind of PC?

both the replies you have already are dead right
several things could have happened, most probably the drivers have got 'lost' and will need to be re-installed - they are available out there online and if i remember rightly, are about 43 megabytes of download
if you fit a "proper" soundcard, you might need to go into the BIOS at Startup and disable the Realtek '97 chip, or the new card might not work either, because of a hardware/resource conflict...this is worth a look if you know how to get in there, in case this has been disabled somehow, and is responsible for your problem in the first place! but be very careful, and try and get someone in who actually KNOWS what they are doing, ok?

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Another problem with AC97 Sound Chips

by OH Smeg In reply to Ac'97 integrated sound ca ...

Is that they are not Digitally Signed with M$ so if you have XP and attempt to install the driver the computer may Blue Screen of Death out and reboot. Here is M$ official Error Message when this happens

Problem caused by Windows (R) WDM driver for Realtek AC'97 (ALCXWDM.SYS)

This problem was caused by Windows (R) WDM driver for Realtek AC'97 (ALCXWDM.SYS). This program was created by Realtek Semiconductor Corp.. Realtek Semiconductor Corp. does not currently have a solution for the problem that you reported.



For support information and product updates, Realtek Semiconductor Corp. recommends that you go online to the following website:

Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

I only ran across this recently whit a loaner that I had returned apparently the Sound worked OK when it left here while the customers Sound Editing Computer was in for repairs but when it was returned there was no sound. Apparently he had removed the drivers to use some external Sound Device and when I attempted to reinstall the Realtek Drivers the system BSOD and rebooted. You can try Realtek latest drivers but they didn't work for me.

Appoarently some XP Hot Patch has caused this to no longer be possible to install these drivers. Very Vista like and would seem that M$ is attempting to integrate several of Vista's features into XP.

If you have a desktop that you are editing on disable the AC97 and fit a Sound Blaster Card and install the drivers for it, you'll be rewarded for going to an Industry Standard Sound Card.


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