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Academic Evaluation?

By mesh ·
I would appreciate any and all help regarding this matter.
I am currently in the process of acquiring permanent residency in the US through my employer. However the INS has decided to throw a hurdle in my way by questioning my credentials, which myemployer finds more than acceptable.
The text of the INS letter to me is as follows:
As evidence that the alien has obtained the equivalent of a bachelor's degree in Information Technology or a related discipline, you may submit an advisory evaluation of the beneficiary's education. The Immigration and Naturalization Service does not endorse or recommend evaluators. Many private individuals, organizations and educational institutions provide this service. An acceptable evaluation should:
1.Consider formal education only, not practical experience;
2. State if the collegiate training was post-secondary education, i.e. whether the applicant completed the US equivalent of high school before entering college;
3. Provide a detailed explanation of the material evaluated;
4. Briefly state the qualifications and experience of the evaluator providing the opinion.

Who do I contact regarding such an evaluation? Apparently our Chief Information Officer's opinion is insufficient. I would be more than happy to pay consulting fees to anyone sufficiently certified to provide such an evaluation.
Does anyone have any ideas?

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by generalist In reply to Academic Evaluation?

Academic evaluations are a way of making sure that the education you claim to have is equivalent to the so called industry standards. In theory this prevents a person from going to a diploma mill and getting a degree in IT by simply paying some cash or taking bogus tests.

If you try entering 'Academic Evaluation Foreign' in a search engine like Google, you can find lots of entries. Many of them are for colleges and states, but some are commercial organizations.

I suspect that going to astate organization would be best. If you accidentally went to a 'rubber stamp' commercial group, your application might be rejected. Asking the INS for a list of 'approved' academic evaluators might be a good tactic if you haven't done so already.

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They want your transcripts!

by WorkinOnIt! In reply to Academic Evaluation?

Welcome to the United States, the home of red tape and incoherent English. A coworker of mine had the same problem and he had his school send them a transcript of his education, and our boss sent them a letter and a copy of her own resume. Done deal.

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May need more

by generalist In reply to They want your transcript ...

The transcripts would be a start, especially if the 'foreign' school is a big name one like Oxford.

But I have learned that there is indeed a network of organizations that evaluate 'foreign' schools and determine whether a given course and grade in one school is equivalent to another in the United States. It can get pretty interesting considering the variety of grade scales there are on an international basis. Some groups even publish booklets on the grading scales commonly used by different countries and their equivalents.

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