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By beware2find ·
Hi, I'm Afi Blackshear and I am only 9 years old and I've been singing
since I was 5 but making CDs since I was 7 or 6. You might know that I
want to be a singer and if anyone could find a website really good and
free just contact at

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I have to wonder if this is the right site for you

by Tig2 In reply to ACB

I am going to choose to believe that you are indeed 9 years old with an interest in music. This is not likely to be the best site for you. Try Yahoo Groups or Google Groups to find people with similar interests to yours.

And if you aren't a 9 year old, you can be excused now.

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Oooh goody, another email to SPAM now!!!

by w2ktechman In reply to ACB

If you truly are 9, do as Tigger says, and go play somewhere. But edit your email address out of the post first, or yo may find lots and lots of SPAM very very soon.

If you are indeed a BS artist just playing games, then GTF outta here. You are unwelcome and undesired by all. Get a life and grow up!!!

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Hey Afi

by AV . In reply to ACB

Does your Momma know what you're doing on the computer?


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Don't talk to strangers

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to ACB

It's not safe.

Now you've put you email address here anyone can see it. So you are going to get some very strange emails.

Worse still you might get some that seem OK.
Don't look at them until parents have done a check for weirdos and other nasties.

If they don't know what that means , tell them find out quick.

If you are doing this without your parent's permission, and think you might get told off.

That's going to be nowhere near as bad as what could happen.

There are some very bad people out here on the internet, who if you give them the chance, will do much worse.

Anyone says they can do something for you do not believe them.

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