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    accesing linux from wint


    by m2x3c4 ·

    Hi I installed suse 8.1 to be used as a file server,i can see the pc on the network icon from any win2000 and win98, but when a try it from winnt the pc does not appear on the list, i configured my smb.conf with security=share guest ok = yes,becausesecurity is not an issue,on the winnt id a disable netbeui i can’t acces the network at all, so far i don’t know what i am missing, any help will be apreciated.
    have nice day

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      accesing linux from wint

      by 1techguy ·

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      I am guessing that you’d like to access a folder or share on Linux, the easiest way that I have found is using Webmin. This does 2 things, allow access to the linux box from a browser on any pc as well as having configuration of Samba settings, users, software, configurations, as well as just about any thing else. This is the greatest tool since the pc. There are some documentations at Webmin’s website that also help with the settings for Samba shares.

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