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Access 2000

By tambi.wormstadt ·
I have been working in Access for awhile now and am having trouble with my mailing labels. I have created them and put them on a switchboard to be opened easily by my co-workers, but every so often when they are opened, they have changed from 3 across to only one column. I have tried to figure out what is wrong, but am having no success. I have to go back and recreate them to make them right.

Also, we are having trouble with reports being opened and not having the page set up the same as when we last closed them. We know that we are saving any changes. This results in us having to go to page setup and fix the report.

Any help on these two problems would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Access 2000 labels

by pmbellis In reply to Access 2000


Just off the cuff ... I assume that the different users are opening the label report from their own workstations?

If so, I would check that they are all printing to compatible printers with compatible drivers and the same default paper setups.

What I do when attempting a report which may be mucked up by printer restrictions, is leave very generous margins around the edges so that even the most restrictive printer will handle it fine.

Are you printing to standard sized (i.e. Avery) labels? You can set the reports page-setups programmatically to override the individual printer defaults.

Peter Bellis

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by tambi.wormstadt In reply to Re: Access 2000 labels

I know that all the printers we are printing to are compatible. They are all the same printer. Also, we are not able to leave margins around them because they are already preset. Thanks for you help.

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printer characteristics or user access

by daneke In reply to Access 2000

Since they all point to the same printer, you have to double check that each printer's defaults are the same. Access will reset page layout based on default system printer. Even though they are the same printer, do they each have the same printer name in each workstation. Otherwise, you will need to lock the design on the reports to ensure one of your users is not 'helping'.

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