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Access 2000-auto fills data

By nkling ·
I'm trying to find out why Access 2000 will auto fill my data entries. I've noticed that after I enter a number in a field that in the next record, in that same field, the next number is automatically inserted in that field. For example, in my Order column, in datasheet view, I enter a 1, the next record in the the Order column will automatically fill with a 2 and so on. Or the pattern will repeat - if I enter a 1 in the Order field, then a 3 in the next Order field, the next Order field will fill with a 5. What is going on? and how do I stop this?

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by Tink! In reply to Access 2000-auto fills da ...

Is this a brand new database that was just created?

Are you the designer?

Sounds like the field was set to AutoNumber. But I'm not positive on that since I have Access2003 and it doesn't allow you to enter data into an Autonumber field.

Can you provide more info on the field and table's properties?

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by Tink! In reply to

It makes no difference whether you're entering in form or a datasheet, the underlying table is the same.

Double check all the properties of the number field. Access may have changed something during the conversion.

Double check any links or lookups that may be linked to the field, directly or indirectly. Any of these type of relationships can be affected by the version change.

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by nkling In reply to

This is a number field. I tried creating a new database in Access 2000 and it does the same thing. Highly annoying.

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by nkling In reply to Access 2000-auto fills da ...

this is a database originally from Access 97. WE did design it - this field is just a number field and I've never seen this before. Has access changed the way you can enter data into a query? Someone else suggested that you had to use a form to prevent this from happening. For my use it is much more efficient to do the data update in datasheet view.

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by parier In reply to Access 2000-auto fills da ...

In the table, and in Design View, navigate to that field, and in the Field properties (below), change the Default Value to 0 (zero), this will set the default value on a new record to 0, you can also put NULL there and on a new record it will be empty.

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by nkling In reply to

This is how the field is currently set up. I've tried using 'null' and also just no value in the 'Default Value' property - I still get the auto fill routine.

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by parier In reply to Access 2000-auto fills da ...

Is this a "for your eyes only" DB, or is this something you can strip the data out (maybe except 1 single bogus record, so I can see?

If not, send it to

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