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    Access 2000 – Inserting JPEG Objects


    by huebned01 ·

    I?m developing an Access database that will have a field used to store scanned images. The program will let me store only .bmp formatted objects. When I attempt to insert a .jpg object into the record I get a variety of error messages. First to be seen is Image Expert 2000: Error opening database: 2000. When I clear that message, another appears: MS Access The OLE object isn?t registered. The object may be calling an application that isn?t installed. To register the application, reinstall it.

    I am running Windows XP Home and have loaded MS Office 2000 Professional (9.0.3821 SR-1). As usual, the software help doesn?t really help much, but leads one to believe that the proper graphics filter needs to be loaded in Word. I have reloaded the filter but that didn?t solve my problem.

    Any ideas out there?

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      Reply To: Access 2000 – Inserting JPEG Objects

      by otl ·

      In reply to Access 2000 – Inserting JPEG Objects

      1. Use the Access CD.
      You may have to start setup manually.
      2. Click on add/remove features.
      3. Expand converters and filters
      4. Expand Graphics Filters
      5. If JPEG Interchange Format is grayed out, then JPEG is not fully installed, make sure it says run from my computer.
      6. If you had to change the setting, click on update now. Otherwise go back to the main page or restart and repair installation.

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