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    Access 2000 Parameter passed to chart


    by ddenenfeld ·

    I have written a Make Table query which asks the user for a start and stop date. I then create a chart of the table’s selected data. How can I pass the user-supplied start and stop date to the title on the chart?

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      Access 2000 Parameter passed to chart

      by leehlc ·

      In reply to Access 2000 Parameter passed to chart

      When you make the table, add the parameters as fields. Copy what you have in the criteria field to an empty column in the make table query. Since you haven’t given the column a name it will appear(I will pretend your criteria is [Enter Beg Date]
      Expr1:[Enter Beg Date]
      Do the same think for the End Date

      Now go to the form where you created the chart.
      Add a text field
      Go the the expression builder
      Point the field to the table made from your query and the specific field.

      Then move the field(s) down over the existing Title on the Chart.You can change the background etc. so it will look like it is part of the chart.

      If you want to concatenate the two fields, you can use a text field and do something like this under the control source.(Again I am making up your criteria fields to be
      [Enter Beg Date] [Enter End Date]

      =”The criteria for this chart is ” & TableName![Enter Beg Date] & “and ” & TableName![Enter End Date]

      where TableName is replaced with the name of your table.


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