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Access 2000, printing reports

By No_Problem ·
I have an Access report that is organized by an equipment number. I would like to run a print job that will order the daa by the equipment number, stop save the file and then start printing the pages associated with the next equipment number until it's complete. I'm looking for a one step that will print (to Adobe Acrobat), sort and save.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Access 2000, printing rep ...

hmmm. not a good enuf vba progrmmer or access jockey to give you an answer also not enuf info so i am just giving 2 cents to how i would solve this. i would get the northwind sample database AND associated help files off the Office installation cd and install on my computer and browse the database and it's Help for ideas. I would visit the access programming support at there, i would browse in the programming section, the Access section (under Office) and the mskb and the technet section to see more ideas. then i would cut and paste my techrepublic post into access programming forum either at ms or maybe somebody can suggest good other website. there are some good ones. as for the pdf part, just have your report output to the adobe distiller pdf printer driver came with Acrobat.
one report should do it i think, ordered by equipment number and grouped by equipment detail or something. you change the order in the reports query Source and you change the grouping which i think i how you get the paging the way you want it in the report Design and you figure out how in the northwind Help and samples. i would start making whatever part of it work i could, like make one report showing one equipment detail and printing it to pdf printer. hope this helps

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by parier In reply to Access 2000, printing rep ...

I do not have Acrobat distiller installed, but if you do, go in Access, Macros, Create New and select 'Output To', then under Output format, see if there is anything in there for PDF (Acrobat) files. If there is, this is your ticket, because you can use a static name and all will flow atuomatically. You just have to create your report and this macro (from a button) will run, sort and print to these files with one click.

IF there is no PDF(Acrobat) in there, then one thing you can do, is use this same macro, but send your reports to DOC/RTF (Word Format) and you can script Acrobat to convert docs with a BAT file, I dont know the exact arguments, havent done it in a long time, but I recall doing bulk files using somthing like. This is all in the Acrobat documentation.

c:\acro.exe c:\my_file\*.doc -S -c
file ro run source of docs, -S=save orig files
-c use a counter at the end of my files. (file1.pdf, file2.pdf, file3.pdf, etc)

Heop this helps.

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