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    Access 2000 Report Sounds Easy??


    by mra2 ·

    I have a Parent Table with Names and a Child Table with Dates attended. The report shows the Name with the Dates attended in the Detail Section.I surpressed the repeat of the name. In the Group Footer, I have the last date attended which is simply the max of the date.

    Now counting the records is the problem!!! I can count the number of dates each name attended. But I need a Grand Total of the number of names listed. BUT EACH NAME SHOULD COUNT ONLY ONCE.

    Example: The ***** is the part I am having trouble with.

    Joe 08-01-2004
    Last Date Attended: 10-01-2004
    Number of Meeting attended: 2

    Sue 10-01-2004
    Last Date Attended: 10-01-2004
    Number of Meetings attended:1

    Total Names Listed 2 ******

    Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. I can send a sample db if you give me your Email address.


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