Access 2000: table output displayed in form not working correctly

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I've been trying to find answers on the internet and I just can't seem to get anywhere. I'm still learning Access. I don't know if I'm not using the right terms or if what I'm reading is outside of my understanding.

I have an inherited database that mostly contains product info, also some forms, queries and macros. My problem is getting an "output" form to work properly.

User launches "Form A" to input the products to list on the NAFTA certificate and click on "get results". Input is captured in a table, a query is run to retrieve product data and then "Form B" is displayed with the output and is ready to print. Macros run query and empty table when closing "Form B".

I have two separate problems with this form situation, either getting the old one or the new one I created to work properly. If I could get a solution to either one it would be really helpful!

Form info: it's a NAFTA certificate that pulls product data from a table in the same db. Number of products listed varies, from 1 to about 10. Top and bottom of form need to stay anchored, so form prints properly.

1. Form worked in the 2006 version of the db, tried to copy all components into 2007 first (never worked) and now 2008. You can see the info on screen but it will not print. Doesn't matter if product number input table has data. Data entry is set to No on subform. I don't know what else to try to get this form to work. It also loads very slowly, concerned it is corrupted somehow.

This version has part of the form in the header, part in the Detail, including the subform, and nothing in the footer. Subform contains column names in header and product info in detail.

2. Recreated "Form B" from scratch, and I can get data to display, but I have two problems - I can't figure out how to keep bottom of form to stay in one location (number of rows in subform vary) and the subform data keeps repeating. The number of repeats corresponds with the number of rows in subform, i.e. if there are 5 products to list it repeats 5 times.

Header contains entire top of cert except table headers and product data. Detail contains only the subform, which has column names in header and product data in detail, nothing in footer. Main form's footer contains the remainder of the form.

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