Access 2002 Database Can't open in Vista

By Dbquestion ·
Hi guys. I created an Access 2002 database program (badge.mdb) on my computer. The remote side computer had Access 2000 running on windows Vista. When I put the file badge.mdb on that remote computer, I couldn't open the file. Access didn't give me any error msg at all. It just opened up a blank Access screen. Can someone told me what's wrong? How do I get it to open? Thank you!!!

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Access 2002 Database Can't open in Vista

by oz_cast In reply to Access 2002 Database Can' ...

If you have access 2002 on your computer and you are trying to open on 2000 they are not backwards compatible. Unless you created the database on 2000 and you are opening on 2002. does that make sense?

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Access DB in Vista

by Dbquestion In reply to Access 2002 Database Can' ...

Thanks for the response. Got it.

So how do i fix this? Should I load newer version of Access on the remote Vista computer? From my understanding is that vista has certain security measures and only Access 2007 will work. Is that so? So should I recreate the database on access 2007 then? Or is there anything i need to change on my access 2002 db to get it to open?


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You should be able to convert it

by Jacky Howe In reply to Access 2002 Database Can' ...

Converting from Access 97 to 2000, 2002 or 2003
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That would convert an old DB to a new format....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to You should be able to con ...

.... His problem is that he has a 2002 DB that he's trying to open with an older version of Access. Once a file has been converted to the newer version, it's no longer backwards compatible.

What he should be doing is opening the DB with Access 2002 and doing a Save As to save it in the older 2000 format.

And... to the original poster (DBquestion), Vista has nothing to do with this compatibility problem. It's a program version conflict. However, I'm surprised that you were able to get Access 2000 to even install on Vista.

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It works

by Jacky Howe In reply to That would convert an old ...

backwards as well. I just forgot to mention it.

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