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    Access 2002 – Permissions Problem?


    by lisacatherine ·

    I have a user that has been upgraded from Office 97 to Office XP. When the user tries to open Access it goes through a series of “Installing..” when it appears to be done installing, something, if you click on anything it starts to install again. If the user is given local admin rights this problem seems to go away. This is the only user having this problem. The only difference in the configuration that I can see is that she is running Crystal Reports and SQL. Is this a permissions problem or conflict with one of those programs? Help Please.

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      Reply To: Access 2002 – Permissions Problem?

      by gpaz ·

      In reply to Access 2002 – Permissions Problem?

      This is a permission problem. You will have to give that person local admin privileges so in that way it will keep the settings updated, if you dont do so, then after install, and used once you close it then i will see it as not been install. It happened to me once, and did my research, found that some programs will keep the old settings and the only way to change that is to give more permissions to the user to change those settings.

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