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I have an access 2003 report that has a report header and footer, a page header and footer, three group headers and footers, and the detail section. The detail section lists each item in my DB and the three groups are Section Number, CostCenter, and Area Number. The relationships are one to many (an area number can only have one cost center but a cost center may have many area numbers, and also a cost center can only have one section code but a section code may have several cost centers). The report lists all the items for the area then totals it in the area number footer, then as the report continues processing once all the areas for the cost center have processed it sums the areas for the cost center ID in the cost center footer then it it sums all the cost centers for the section in the section footer. In the report footer I would like it to list each section (1-7) and then total it. then do the same with the cost center and the area so ideally the "Summary Page" would look something like this:
Section Totals:
Section 1 $$$$
Section 2 $$$$
Section 3 $$$$
Section 4 $$$$
Total: $$$$

Cost Center Totals:
CostCenter ID 1 $$$$$
CostCenter ID 2 $$$$$
CostCenter ID 3 $$$$$
CostCenter ID 4 $$$$$
Total: $$$$$

Area Number Totals:
Area 1 $$$$$
Area 2 $$$$$
Area 3 $$$$$
Area 4 $$$$$
Total $$$$$

Is there a way to do this or is the an unattainable pipe dream? Thanks for any help you can give me.

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