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Access 2003: subform criteria to equal another subform column?

By soggy.hippy ·

I've been working on databases for a bit now, but i've had fairly minimal training (so now and then i get stuck on something for quite a while).

At the moment im trying to make a subform whos criteria is equal to another subforms field. I've got it to the point where subform2's combobox criteria equals the first row's combobox of subform1 (a continuous form/spreadsheet [still testing]). But thats it. Is it possible to make the criteria of subform2 check the combobox of each of subform1's rows and show all the results that equal any of those?

Its meant to be a groupings selection for suppliers. You add the new supplier, select what --Categories-- of products/services it has (example: Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Transport etc.) in subform1

and then in subform2 you select what --products/services-- they provide (example: Electrical Cables, Generator, Hydr-Acid, freight services) from a combobox. The products, however, should only show in the combobox list if their corresponding category was selected in subform1.

Note: Sorry if this is a stupid question or theres blatantly a better way to do it, i get the feeling i do alot of access the long and messy way, just cant see a simple answer. Also its the end of the day^^)

Much appreciated

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