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    Access 2003 – subform is stoping to refresh


    by nuclear engineer ·

    I have an app developed in Access 2003(front end) and MSSQL(backend). I have list box on main form, when user selects item in that list – subform if getting value of that item(which is primary key in table assigned to that subform) and I call “requery” onClick event. its working fine for some time and suddenly stops to refresh that subform. some times it happens after few selection, sometimes would work normally for hours. issue seems to be disappearing in access 2007, but most of my users have access 2003. I made a little trick that helps a bit = have a button by clicking on that button subform would open in separate window and window will close itself, after that subform in main form will start to refresh again, but will stop doing that after sometime. Thanks in advance for help,

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