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Access 2003 - Update Combo Box From Right-Joined Query Results

By ian.bettney ·

In Access 2003 I have subform which is returning queried data in datasheet a datasheet view. The query has a right join and to limit data to where in 1 table and not in another with 'IS NULL'. I want to be able to update manually update the combo box. Is this possible?

SELECT CRD_archive.UniqueID AS UniqueID, CRD_archive.[Fund Code] AS Fund_Code, CRD_archive.[Security Name] AS Security_Name, CRD_archive.[Security Code] AS Security_Code, CRD_archive.ISIN AS ISIN, CRD_archive.CUSIP AS CUSIP, CRD_archive.SEDOL AS SEDOL, CRD_archive.TICKER AS TICKER, CRD_archive.[Holding SOD] AS Holding_SOD, CRD_archive.[Market Value Intraday] AS Market_Value_Intraday, CRD_archive.[Market Value SOD] AS Market_Value_SOD, CRD_archive.[Exposure Amount] AS Exposure_Amount, CRD_archive.[Current Market Value Intraday] AS Current_Market_Value_Intraday, CRD_archive.EffectiveDate AS EffectiveDate, CRD_archive.StatRec AS StatRec, CRD_archive.Relevance AS Relevance, CRD_archive.StatHold AS StatHold, CRD_archive.Comments AS Comments
FROM CRD_load RIGHT JOIN CRD_archive ON CRD_load.ISIN=CRD_archive.ISIN
WHERE (((CRD_archive.StatRec)=1) AND ((CRD_archive.Relevance)=1) AND ((CRD_archive.StatHold)=0) AND ((CRD_load.UniqueID) Is Null));


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by john.a.wills In reply to Access 2003 - Update Comb ...

I am beginning to understand the SQL, but the English defeats me. What combo box? Do you want the values allowed by the combo box to range over those yielded by the query?

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language part II

by ian.bettney In reply to language

Sorry for the vagueness..

The query is returned to a form in datasheet view, the StatHold field is defined in the CRD_Archive table as a combo box with values limited to 0 or 1...

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