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By witakr ·
Hey folks!

I need help big time. I am in the eleventh hour of creating a really complex database for a buddy of mine and I am in need of a special task.

I need a form the user can use to create a whole NEW table with predefined fields.

For example:

The user needs to track a particular brand of item. So with this db they will have a whole table just for that brand of item. Lets assume the user has a new brand they need to add so they go to this form, they select a name for the table and then the user clicks a create button. Then a new table is created with fields that have been predefined by me. Then using another form the user can make changes to they new table.

What I need help with is how I can use a form to create the table.

I hope what I am asking was a little more clear than mud, lol.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Is this for pay?

by santeewelding In reply to Access 2007: Creating tab ...

If it is, you are in over your head.

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by witakr In reply to Is this for pay?

No, I am doing this for free. I am familiar with vb coding and SQL server. I am just fairly unfamiliar with access. I can handle the problem I just can't figure out how I would go about it.

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Your last sentence

by santeewelding In reply to No

Doesn't quite make sense. But, stand by. There are those here who may swarm you.

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Standing by...

by witakr In reply to Your last sentence

I'll maintain this holding pattern...

Thanks lol

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by santeewelding In reply to Standing by...

No thumb?

You think my egregious comments come forth for nothing?, impetuous, ingratitudinous, dissolute youth.

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You are...

by witakr In reply to What? interesting person.

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Well it's technically possible, not advisable at all though

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Access 2007: Creating tab ...

'Easiest' way is to build a create table query from from the input and then execute it.

A table of allowable fields, Another table to hold the new table structure. Types and nullability, keys, indexes, auto increment. Basically you are redesign the access IDE.

Personally if I gad to do something like this, and I'd avoid it like the plague.

I'd create a table will all the predefined fields, have another column the hold a userTable ID. Then I'd have another table for holding a configuration, ie which fields of the predefined ones are used.

Another way to go is a property bag approach

There you craete a table to hold the predefined fields (Id, Name, Type) etc

And your data table then becomes


It's a complex tip whichever way you look at it, even in a full DBMS, it's not an option for the faint hearted.

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Well, heres what I have to do...

by witakr In reply to Well it's technically pos ...

I have to track ammunition by brand and caliber/type.

For example:

Brand: Federal
Cal/Type: .40S&W (Hollow Point)

In my plan, the brand name, (i.e. Federal) would be the table name. So if I have 5 brands, say:

"Federal", "Blazer", "Gold Dot", "Remington" and "Winchester"

then I would have 5 tables named:

"Federal", "Blazer", "Gold Dot", "Remington" and "Winchester"

In each table there would be 2 fields

"Caliber/Type" and "Quantity"

When the user wants to add a 6th Brand then they would use a form which I create for that purpose. The form, when used and submitted, will create a new table with the brand name as the table name with the fields "Caliber/Type" and "Quantity" and then the user would use a separate form to enter the quantities.

My problem is I have several brand names to track and for each brand there is several caliber/types and for each caliber/type there is a quantity. If I could track all this in one table effectively then I would love to but I just can't figure out how to do it with out making the table ridiculously difficult to manage.

Do you know how I could track this data in a single table? I can't figure out how to do it.

I hope I didn't confuse you....

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Erm just make brand a key...

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Well, heres what I have t ...

Table called brands,
BrandID (key), Name, ...

Have a Calibres table

CalibreID (key), Description etc

then another Quantities

(BrandID,CalibreID) key, Quantity

For exmples hit Help or google on

There;'s probably some mileage in a making calibres dependant on brand as well.

That way you can filetr out calibres that belong to different brands.

Hit F1 in access for
Look up tables
Master/detail relationships

Or google, loads of examples on solving this need.

Example is more likely to be say Customer and Order or Name and Address, but it's the same idea.

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by santeewelding In reply to Well, heres what I have t ...

That explains everything, including the pistol rounds.

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