Access 2007 output to html only creates two out of eight hyperlinks

By scubadoobydoo ·
I have an access 2007 report which is output to html for use on a web site. Each item may be linked to up to 8 photos. A single routine 'on format' ( I have also tried placing the routine in 'on print') uses 8 labels and sets a value in hyperlinkaddress and makes them visible or invisible. The output only ever shows two active hyperlinks. In the output html, the first two active links are shown correctly .td..font..a href = '/link here...'.pic 1./a../font../td.
while links 3 to 8 are lost, showing just .td..font.pic 3./font../td. This is definitely NOT a coding problem, I have stepped through repeatedly. If I manually add the h ref data in the output html, all works fine. In one case, there are four photos, link 1 and 2 are active, link 3 and 4 are visible but have no href text in the html, links 5 through 8 are correctly not shown. I am thinking there must be a limit on the number of hyperlinks associated with each item (which is built as a table per item). Any ideas or suggestions? Has anyone run into this before?

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