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    Access 97 Run Time Problems


    by mcorr ·

    I have been attempting to roll out a multi-user split-backend MS Access 97 database application. I am using the ODE Setup Wizard but I am not having any luck getting the application to run. I keep getting “Compile error in hidden module:

    “.The forms work fine if the PC has a full version of Access installed, but don’t in the run time.

    Has anyone used the ODE Setup portion and have any tips on making it work? MSDN is so full of Office 2000 garbage I can’t find the first thing on Office 97. (No, I don’t want to use 2000, it won’t port any part of the application!)

    Thanks, Chris

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      Access 97 Run Time Problems

      by crowmoor ·

      In reply to Access 97 Run Time Problems


      I have used this setup and its not really easy to use but I think you have encountered another problem.

      There is a problem if the user have a standard of Access installed. Then some code wont work even if they run it as a runtime. The solution to this is either a full install or a complete uninstall.

      There is also another problem connected to Internet Explorer 4 and 5. If you check your referenses in a module there is a risk that you have got a referense called IE Timer. Do uncheckit because its been checked by IE4 and doesn’t exist in IE5.

      If you havn’t used any special controls in Access then the only references used is Visual Basic for Applications
      Microsoft Access 8.0 Object library
      Microsoft DAO 3.51
      (There could be some more I dont know about.)
      Also make sure that any Mapicontrols are unchecked. They differ from Outlook 97 and Outlook 98.

      You can see which referenses that are problems by running the mdb file in Access on a mashine and check the references.

      Hopes this help

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        Access 97 Run Time Problems

        by mcorr ·

        In reply to Access 97 Run Time Problems

        Thanks for the tip on previous installs of Access, but it didn’t fix my problems.

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