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Access a User folder from a Laptop hard drive (access denied)

By viviricky ·
I trying to tak my files from my user folder on the lapto hard drive but say access denied.

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Re:Access a User folder from a Laptop hard drive (access denied)

by G3ORG1E In reply to Access a User folder from ...

Are you using a different user account to access the folder? Try checking the share options.

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Laptop drive in an enclosure

by clownfire In reply to Re:Access a User folder f ...

I have sorta the same prob. My laptop died so i had to put my drive in a USB enclosure but I can't get into my user account folders as they were I think 'made private' on the previous laptop.

I'm on a new machine using the same user name, password and computer name but no luck.


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Retrieval of informations

by lansept29 In reply to Laptop drive in an enclos ...

YOu can probably check on the securities of the folders of your account. Your current account must have permission to read all files and folders from the it.

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by deckert7 In reply to Retrieval of informations

How do you check on the securities?

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Log in under an administrative

by clark1 In reply to How?

account and take ownership of the files in question.

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by deckert7 In reply to Log in under an administr ...

I am the Admin. I just re-installed Windows and now I can't get back to my old My Documents folder. I can get to the new one with nothing in it, though. That's exciting :: heavy sarcasm ::

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by robchamberlin In reply to Sorry

Because of the unique nature of the SAM Database on each Windows system, creating a so-called duplicate system on new hardware with the same userid and passwords would not result in a duplicate of the SAM from your previous machine being created. Since the security access data and keys for your old harddisk resides on your OLD system, you cannot take control of the file.
I suggest you do a google search on the keywords "what is windows sam". That should give you all the information you need.

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You get two geezes for that post

by IC-IT In reply to Sorry

First, the thread is two years old, let it rest in peace.
Second, why not just tell him to take ownership? ;-)

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