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Access Application

By Rufar ·
I recently joined a small company where they have an application created with Access 2000 to control sales and inventory. Is there a way for other network users to open the application? The network is with machines running Windows 98, no server. Thanks.

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Access Application

by tduval In reply to Access Application

share the directory on the workgroup, verify that your file access are network access.

I suggess you to divide application in 2 parts :
my software - program.mdb &
my software - datas.mdb

Share only datas, and install program on each computer, to decrease network access.

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Access Application

by FirstPeter In reply to Access Application

I would agree with the first answer, but I wanted to add a word of caution. I think it make absolute sense to split the application (program, data), but if you install the program on multiple machines you have to make sure that the changes you maketo one are made to all or you could end up with severe versioning issues.

If the application is a fairly mature database with changes to the program taking place rarely or on a regular schedule, that's probably not a concern. But if it's a relatively new one or issues are being resolved on an ad-hoc or constant basis, you could end up with many different versions of the application out there.

Leaving the program and the data (still split up) on your machine increases network traffic (which could be a big slowdown) but helps ensure that the latest version is being used.

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Access Application

by bmcafee In reply to Access Application

It is a good idea to split the database (Menu: Tools -> Database Utilites -> Database Splitter). Use Link Table Manager (Menu: Tools -> Database Utilites -> Linked Table Manager) to change the location of the linked tables. Copy the application part to the same directory on all computers. You will need to share the folder where the database (with the linked tables) is located and map a network drive to that location. Choose a drive letter that will be consistent for all users.

Be aware that you will need to periodically repair the database (under database utilities). And let the users know that is may sometimes be slow. If they do not properly exit the application it will lock out users stating the resoure is in use. Delete the lock file (*.ldb) to recover.

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