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Access auto close a report with no data

By D_Bones ·
Easy one for you clever people but it's driving me mad.

If yo create an "OnNoData" event procedure for a report and the enter the event as DoCmd.Close "repName". You get a debug error.

How can you not display a report wih no data when using

DoCmd.OpenReport "repName", acViewPreview

All help gratefully received. As usual

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by techrep In reply to Access auto close a repor ...

The usual way is to test for an empty recordset in the Report_Open section and exit if the count is zero. You can do this with the Dcount() function or by opening a recordset using the SQL statement that is used as the RecordSource for your report. For example:

In the Report_Open section, include these lines:

Dim cnt as Long

cnt = DCount("*", "Orders", "[ShipRegion] = 'CA'")
If cnt = 0 Then
'Setting cancel = true will cause the report to close
Cancel = True
Exit Sub
End If

'If the cnt is > zero the report will continue here.

Here is an example using a recordset:

Dim Rs as Recordset, SQL as String

SQL = "Select * from Orders where [ShipRegion] = 'CA'"
Set Rs = Db.Openrecordset(SQL)

If Rs.Eof Then
Cancel = True
Exit Sub
End If

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by D_Bones In reply to

Poster rated this answer.Excellent - worked first time. Many thanks

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by D_Bones In reply to Access auto close a repor ...

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