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Access ~ auto insert records

By dvgoad ·
I'm creating a checklog in Access. I want a separate record for each check number. All checks printed are prenumbered. I need to enter a range of checks used and don't want the user to have to create 100 records each time the checks are run. I'm working on tracing each event the checks go through (void, void reissue, stop pay, etc.)

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by john.a.wills In reply to Access ~ auto insert reco ...
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by dvgoad In reply to Access ~ auto insert reco ...

The question would be, how do I add a separate record to accomadate a range? A pop up screen showing starting check number to ending check number.... something that would add the correct number of records accordingly..... Right now I use a simple excel spreadsheet and import it. Not pretty, but it works. I'd like to do it all in Access. 10-Q

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by GSteve In reply to Access ~ auto insert reco ...

Still looking for an answer to this? I think you would do good to use a parameter query. In whatever query you are using, go to your "check number" field, and in the criteria, type this:
between [enter first check number in range] and [enter last check number in range]

Now when you run this query, it will automatically create a dialog box to prompt you for the two values - each prompt will use the words you typed in the [brackets] (you can freely customize the text inside the brackets). The query results will only include the range of check numbers the user specifies.

If you really want a pop up form, that is very possible, too. From there, you can customize your form to your heart's content. Post a comment on this question for more details.

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