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Access Autolookup doesn't actually fill in data

By trainingroi ·
I have 2 tables, Customers and Lates. I want to populate data ONTO Late FROM Customers. The match field is done correctly - it's the primary on the Customers table and a MANY on Lates. The QUERY works fine. Like the Access documentation shows, the information from the "source table" (Customers) shows up perfectly on the DYNASET - the results of the query. BUT - the SAME fields on the ACTUAL table - LATES - remain blank. I need the results of the query to actually FILL the second table! The Access documentation and screen shots make it seem as though the TABLE is getting filled with data from the source table but this isn't what happens - only a query dynaset happens. Do I need a Macro or something. I shouldn't have to do look ups or Macros because according to Access Help - the "Query automatically fills in data."

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Filling in is different

by Maevinn In reply to Access Autolookup doesn't ...

How many fields are you wanting to populate? It sounds like you're wanting a table that identifies customers that are late, in which case all you would need to put in the Lates table is the customer ID--everything can just be pulled from the original table whenever it's needed. You don't WANT to duplicate the data into another table--that's poor design.

But, if you must, write an append query with the criteria to identify the specific records that need to be 'copied' into the second table.

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