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Access AutoNumber Start point

By jdlp ·
Does anyone know how to make a Autonumber in Access 2000 to start on a set number and not zero?? i.e. the first number would be 234.
Reason is i'm developing a system to take over from an old system and we want the number sequence to continue through!!

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by badermsb In reply to Access AutoNumber Start p ...

Someone name OZ Media already posted the answer to this question in another area.

This solution taken from the Microsoft Access 97 KnowledgeBase, aritcle
number Q94821

By design, Microsoft Access always numbers AutoNumber fields beginning
with the number 1. You cannot edit an AutoNumber field or change its
starting value.

However, you can force Microsoft Access to number an AutoNumber field
with a number you choose by following these general steps:

- Copy the design of the original table in which you want to set the
starting AutoNumber value to a new table.

- Change the AutoNumber field in the new table to a Number field with a
FieldSize property of Long Integer.

- Add a record to the new table, and set the Number field to a value
that is one less than the starting number you want for your original
table. For example, if you want the AutoNumber field to start at 100,
type 99 in the Number field of the new table.

- Use an append query to add this new record to your original table.
This action forces Microsoft Access to number any new AutoNumber fields
with your number plus 1.

NOTE: Do not compact the database before you add a new record to the
original table. If you do, Microsoft Access will reset the AutoNumber
field value to the number 1.

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