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Access - Caps Lock

By karini4 ·
Is there a way to have Access turn Caps Lock ON when opening a particular database? I would like to make sure that my database fields are in CAPS all the time, not just when I remember to turn Caps Lock on!

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by mark.hodgson In reply to Access - Caps Lock

You first need to create a user-defined function in a module that will do the switching for you.
An example can be found at

Create a new module and paste the declaratins and code into it, then save the module.

Then create a macro named 'AutoExec' with a
single line that does a RunCode action with the parameter 'ToggleCapsLock (true)' (You can get to this by clicking the ellipsis, expanding Functions, selecting the user database then double-clicking ToggleCapsLock. be sure to amend the parameter of the funtion to True to turn on caps lock.

When you open the database, the Autoexec macro is run, calling the function and turning on caps lock.

BTW I claim no originality for the actual code, it is something I found at by doing a Google search when I needed to do something similar in a VB project.

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by karini4 In reply to
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by lcwilliams In reply to Access - Caps Lock

I choose to input data as Title case just in case I need to send a mass mailing and do not want uppercase. However, for reports or exporting I might need all uppercase -- just change the FORMAT field to > (all uppercase) then you can input data either way but output in all uppercase.

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by karini4 In reply to

I had thought of this originally, but I am querying an SQL database which is already in all caps and combining it with an Access table. I need Caps lock ON to get the data from my SQL database - it does not recognize any other case except what is in the database (which happens to be in all CAPS). Thanks anyway.

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by karini4 In reply to Access - Caps Lock

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