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Access carrying context between forms

By PeterFis ·
As a somewhat ignorant Access DB builder, I have a DB that tracks documents I create. Basic structure is three-tiered: Project / Focus / Deliverable; the latter being the low level where I track details per Deliverable in an event list.
This tracking or managing I do on a form that displayes the Project (which I select in an earlier context setting form - bound to a Context_Table with one row, mostly), with the list of Focuses open for selection at a second level, and then at the third level I display one Deliverable with details of its Events in a list of fourth level records.
The focus of this tool is the Deliverable.
When the pool of Deliverables grew I added a search screen where I can find the Deliverable in various ways. And I can switch from the Management form over to the Search form, and back of course.

And here is the thing: when I open the Management form, it always shows the first Deliverables record. But when I return from the Search form, the clever thing would clearly be to directly display the Deliverable that I selected in the Search results.

My problems are that I do not know how I can obtain the Deliverable_ID of the item in the list on the Search form. If I could, I would aim to write it into my Context_Table. Thereafter I am thinking of having an alternative Record Source query that I would constrain on that single Deliverable by including the row from the Context_Table. But I am also unsure how I might temporarily substitute that new Record Source for the one used normally.

But be aware, I have not done much of this stuff in several years and any input would need to be pretty clear; and not targetted at the power access user. I had hoped to find a useful article on this issue but failed to find one.

Any input would be greatly appreciated

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