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Access - Combination ID field

By jdlp ·
I have three tables, each creates it own set of ID numbers (through autonumber). therefore i have Table A, with ID's 1-10, Table B, with ID's 1-10, & Table C, with ID's 1-10.

Once details have been filled into one of these tables, a Fourth table is opened. Within this 4th table, i want an ID field created automatically by Combining the id field (from the record you just filled) with thetables name, therefore if i had just created in Table B, a record with the ID 23, then the combind ID would be B23.

Hope this makes sense!!

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by badermsb In reply to Access - Combination ID f ...

You don't mention what version of Access you're using as well as what version of Jet. If you're using a newer version of access you can do it like this.

Private Sub WriteTableB()

Dim db As Database
Dim rs As Recordset
Dim ID As Long

Set db = CurrentDb
Set rs = db.OpenRecordset("TableB", dbOpenTable)

With rs
!Field1 = "Something"
!Field2 = "Something else"
ID = rs.Fields(0).Value
End With

Call WriteTable4(ID & "B")

End Sub

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by jdlp In reply to

Am using Access 2000
Where am i meant to use this code within the system?? iknow access pretty well, but not to good on coding!!

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by badermsb In reply to Access - Combination ID f ...

Good luck on finding an answer to this that doesn't involve some coding. If you want to get past the beginner stage with access you will need to learn how to code.

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by jdlp In reply to Access - Combination ID f ...

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